DIY Seltzer Water

M returned from Philly this weekend with a 15lb CO2 tank. We hooked it up to the regulator, hose (with ball lock), and “carbonator” cap that I got from Northern Brewer and it worked great. From construction to carbonation took about 10 minutes. Video is here.

The set up is basically the same as this one. I set the regulator to 40psi, but I’ll experiment with other settings.

The steps are this: take a 3/4 full bottle of chilled liquid, attach the ball-lock cap, evacuate the air, connect to the hose, apply pressure, shake like mad, drink.

In this case I carbonated water and pomegranate juice. It’s really tasty and quite cost effective ($.01 for the water, $.02 for the CO2, and $2.50 for 1/2 liter of Georgian pomegranate juice that I get across the street). We plan to experiment with other juices and kefir d’acqua that M makes.

Update: I used way too much pomegranate in my first experiment. Subsequently I tried it with just a couple of ounces of juice and it’s much better.

5 thoughts on “DIY Seltzer Water”

  1. I bet that would go great with some Nutella! Demise! Tomato Stew!!
    Love, C.A. Attucks

  2. Glen! Glen! Is that you, Glen? The three of us should get together to drink dan’s homemade seltzer water and have a Spy’s Demise tournament! Oh wait… I killed Li’l Spy. Never mind.


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