I went and saw Rush with a bunch of fellas (who else?) from work on Monday. The setlist was, as G described it, perfect. Geddy and the boys presented a very tongue-in-cheek show with intros by Bob and Doug and South Park. I have to hand it to Rush because they don’t play only crowd-pleasers… many of the songs from their new album are quite good. That said: Spirit of Radio was by far their finest moment. (Photo credit t4el. Note the chef basting rotisserie chickens in a Mashall-amp-like “henhouse” setup on the right side of the stage… I don’t know what it means, but it’s brilliant). Update: This is a very truncated version of Neil Peart’s drum solo, but very worth seeing.

M&M Married

M & M were married last weekend. Everyone had a lovely time in the Catskills. The food was good, the weather cooperated, the people were excellent and the couple… well, they are pretty amazing!