A “New” Brompton

My pal Eddie went with me to check out a “too good to be true” deal on a used Brompton the other night.  Everything checked out, so I’m the proud owner of a 1998 (?) folder.  As far as I can tell it’s the “R3” model (a three-speed with a rack).  The seat is awful, but I’ll probably upgrade to a Brooks soon.  I’ve taken it on the subway a couple of times and ridden it across the Brooklyn Bridge.  So far so good.

484 Networking Cleanup

I finally got around to clearing all the networking gear out from under my desk and moving it into the basement. Audrey even got back in the act as the network admin station! This is the setup: Verizon Westell modem, to a Draytek router/VOIP-controller, and a Linksys router (set up as a simple wireless access point).  This article was really helpful getting the two-router setup working properly.  Now if I can get all the kinks worked out with the VOIP service, I’ll be all set. 

Q, The Fish

John F and I went out and got a pet fish today during lunch. We’d wanted to get one for a while, but with the holidays approaching, the end of 2007 was not the time. Our knowledge about domesticated fish was increased exponentially after just two minutes with the pet store’s kindly fish-man (an actual man, not some creepy half-man, half-fish hybrid). Did you know that a fish can live in a bag for two hours? Did you know that beta fish and goldfish are the only fishes that can live in a simple (unfiltered, unheated) fishbowl? Did you know that a fish costs $1.99?