Beer Can Chicken

IMG_3015Aside from grilling pizza recently, I’ve also enjoyed making “beer can chicken”. It’s the easiest to make and best tasting chicken you’ll ever have. Normally, when I roast a chicken in the oven, I have to flip it over at some point and, invariably, the skin sticks to the pan. Standing on a beer can on the grill, it cooks evenly, especially the dark meat down below, which gets a bit more heat. Recipe: wash/dry/salt/pepper/fridge bird. Set grill up for indirect heat (shuffle the coals off to both sides and lay a drip pan or tin foil trough at the bottom of the grill. Drink half a Bud and insert into the chicken’s cavity. Stand the bird up on the grill using it’s legs and the beer can like a tripod. Cover. Grill for an hour or so until done.

Balmy Bellaire October

IMG_0157.JPGLast year when M and I closed up the cottage in Bellaire, we thought the weather was good… ha! What did we know? This unseasonable heat wave was on in northern Michigan too. The thermometer clocked out at 85 one day. The swimming in Torch Lake was even balmier than in July!