Beer Can Chicken

IMG_3015Aside from grilling pizza recently, I’ve also enjoyed making “beer can chicken”. It’s the easiest to make and best tasting chicken you’ll ever have. Normally, when I roast a chicken in the oven, I have to flip it over at some point and, invariably, the skin sticks to the pan. Standing on a beer can on the grill, it cooks evenly, especially the dark meat down below, which gets a bit more heat. Recipe: wash/dry/salt/pepper/fridge bird. Set grill up for indirect heat (shuffle the coals off to both sides and lay a drip pan or tin foil trough at the bottom of the grill. Drink half a Bud and insert into the chicken’s cavity. Stand the bird up on the grill using it’s legs and the beer can like a tripod. Cover. Grill for an hour or so until done.

One thought on “Beer Can Chicken”

  1. Why just half a Bud? I was thinking that shotgunning the whole thing would probably make the grilling altogether more fun.

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