PSFC – Make Ups Before You Start

I did my first shift at the Park Slope Food Co-op tonight. I’m doing data entry for “make up” shifts. The filing and database system is quirky to say the least, but it seems to work. So now I’m only on alert for not having paid my dues. During my first shopping trip I offered to pay it but the cashier (with fist to chest) said, “don’t ever pay your dues, dude! Fight the man”. But, aren’t I “the man” if I’m a member of the co-op?

One thought on “PSFC – Make Ups Before You Start”

  1. Dan, you are the man! (And I mean that in a good way.) I never joined the coop–opted for the Sahadi’s/Met Foods/Fresh Direct trifeca instead, with an occasional Urban Organic run thrown in. Now it’s all Pathmark and Whole Foods. More than anything, I miss the nuts, coffee and bargain prices at Sahadi’s–oh, that and Bagel Hole bagels…

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