Write a Letter – It Helps

My latest corporate crusade was against AT&T/Cingular: I tried to upgrade M’s and my phones. We’re on a family plan so the hyper-incetivized offers from Amazon do not apply (the small print indicates that if you try to upgrade any part of a family talk plan they’ll charge you full price for the handset retroactively). I called and emailed customer service over a dozen times and was getting nowhere. (However, prior to all my calls I had dropped a letter in the mailbox to Kansas City laying out my position: upstanding customer, wants free phones, will take refurbs). Just when I was ready to give up and buy phones from eBay or CL or take one of the crappy free phones, Kansas City came through and offered me the phones I wanted. The math works out like this: paper + mailbox = stuff gets done. (I haven’t received the phones yet, but I’m hopefully optimistic).

One thought on “Write a Letter – It Helps”

  1. There used to be a time when, if you walked into a store (particularly AT&T’s) and announced you were thinking of leaving for another carrier, they would go into overdrive supplication mode.

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